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Automatic Parked Car Finder

Automatic Parked Car Finder
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Special Features of MindMobile 3-in-1 Bluetooth Car Charger. 1. Mobile Phone Reminder: Upon entering the car and starting the engine, the MindMobile will search for the paired phone. If none is detected, it will sound a reminder tone and flash red LED. When the phone is nearby but not in the car, the MindMobile\’s alert is triggered when the car is driven away. 2. Car Finder: After the car is parked and the engine turned off, the MindMobile automatically sends a message to the paired Smartphone to mark the parking location. To find the parked car, simply tap \”Locate\” in the MindMobile app to bring up the map with the marked location. 3. Mobile Car Charger: The MindMobile includes a USB port capable of 5VDC, 1.2A to charge your mobile devices. This Device only works with iPhones.

Phone Reminder, Bluetooth capability reminds you if you forgot your phone when you get in your car
Car Locator, GPS Technology drops a pin on the Mind Mobile app to assist you in finding your car when you are shopping
Car Charger, 5vdc, 1.2a output
Don’t forget your iPhone ever again (Only works with iPhones)
Find your car when you are leaving the Big Game, or a Shopping extravaganza

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