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Automatic Sand Drawing Machine

Automatic Sand Drawing Machine
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Give your zen garden an upgrade with Sandscript. This device uses magnets to let you control a ball with three dials, tracing patterns in the sand. You can make symmetrical mandala patterns or randomized doodles on command. Set it and let it go or make tiny adjustments continuously. Sandscript comes with two steel balls; make your selection based on what level of detail suits your design aesthetic. And when you’re ready to start over, just shake it like an Etch a Sketch, and your ephemeral designs will disappear into a blank canvas of sand.

Product Specifications

Sandscript – Automatic Sand Drawing Machine
Design mesmerizing sand drawings with your own magically magnetic zen garden
Using the three knobs, make symmetrical mandala patterns or randomized doodles on command
Choose ball based on how fine of a detail suits your aesthetic (larger ball makes thicker lines)
Dimensions: 11 1/2″ diameter
Weight: 2 1/2 lbs

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