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Babele Lamp by Manifattura Italiana Design

Babele Lamp by Manifattura Italiana Design
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Italy based Manifattura Italiana Design’s latest creation is a table lamp which is made of several wooden sections which can be assembled in different ways to get infinite results. The Babele Lamp is basically a simple object, an idea that illuminates and spurs creativity. “From the silhouette of a common lamp and play: dividing it into flat sections, shuffle, reorder, create windows of light to be disposed of at will. It’s an ever changing object with an innate anchitectural nature.”

MID consists of four talented young product designers, Francesco Massimello, Gregorio Fracassi, Lapo Germasi and Victor Pukhov. They all share the same dream and passion to produce a product, design it, produce it and distribute it. Their objective is to be fully involved in the creation process, and offer functional objects which are at the same time fascinating. Systems of self-produced furniture from the MID are innovative and unique, designed for lovers of Italian design and all those who know the beauty of emotions.

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