Baby Mobile Wooden Mobile DIY Kit Crib Mobile DIY Wooden

Baby Mobile Wooden Mobile DIY Kit Crib Mobile DIY Wooden
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Diy your own baby mobile with this easy to assemble wooden mobile pack. You can use as it is or painted in your nursery or favorite color. … quantity = 1 wooden mobile … center ball size = 30mm (3cm) … end-balls size = 20mm (2cm) … assemble size with end balls (arm to arm) = 35cm approx. (12 inches approx.) … material = european beech wood without finish (can be sanded, painted and/or sealed) … pefc Environmental Friendly wood from European Forests only (Austria, Germany and France) made in germany Details (individually packed): 1 x 30mm center ball with 6mm half-holes + 6 full-holes with 6mm + small hole on top for a metal ring bolt 6 x round sticks/arms 6mm thick, 150mm long each 6 x 20mm end-ball with 6mm half-holes 1 x metal ring bolt Simple to assemble, just push the arms into the pre-drilled holes, add a little wood glue or hot glue to hold the end-balls and the sticks/rods to make them permanently fixed. This will also prevent the end-balls to get loose and in reach of childrens. Also available in packs of 5 kits here:

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