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Babybox 4-Phase Extendable Cot

Babybox 4-Phase Extendable Cot
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The Babybox mini cot and cot introduces the universal concept of growth, relating the cot to the size of the baby.
It reinvents the traditional cot, creating a product of contemporary design that is growing with the baby since it is born up to two years.

It represents in just one object the different products offered in the market for every stage, and suggests an alternative use as toy storage box.
The baby grows up fast. The cot, too.

MINI COT: Age 0-3 months. The compact size of the mini cot make it versatile and handy. Easy to carry around thanks to its wheels, it easily goes through doors. Size: L 68.8 cm, W 65 cm, H 79.2 cm.
COT: Age 3-12 months. This cot matches a sense of protection with the need for more room during your baby’s first months. Size: L 97.6 cm, W 65 cm, H 79.2 cm.

BED: Age 12-24 months. This small bed follows the toddler’s natural growth and prepares the way for a regular bed. Size: L 116.8 cm, W 65 cm, H 79.2 cm.

TOY STORAGE BOX: Age 24 months +. Babybox transforms from minicot to toy storage box, taking your child by hand during their growth. It will stay by their side as a faithful companion while teaching them the art of tidying up their bedroom.

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