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The Babykeeper Infant Carrier

The Babykeeper Infant Carrier
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The Babykeeper Basic is an infant carrier style seat, that hangs from the stall wall in most public restrooms, and can also be used in many public fitting rooms and locker rooms. For babies 6-18 months, who can hold their head up. Simple to use harness system keeps baby securely in the carrier.

Made with only the finest materials, to ensure your child’s safety. Two large metal hooks encased in safety webbing, lined with non-slip material click here for side view of hooks. Durable and easy to clean nylon fabric. Easy to use, and small enough to take everywhere you go. The Babykeeper Basic also provides you with a safer and more reliable means of restraining your child in a shopping cart. By using The Babykeeper Basic as a harness, you are making it practically impossible for your little one to climb out of their seat, thus preventing a fall.

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