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Bakers Essential Set

Bakers Essential Set
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100% Molded Bamboo® is always Melamine Free, Plastic Free, BPA Free. A sustainable and healthy alternative to the chemically based plastic.
We’ve gathered the best and most competent quality tools & gadgets to make your baking experience simple and more delightful.

This set is equipped with a 3 Pc Molded Bamboo® bowl set, Molded Bamboo® colored measuring spoons & cups, a red 10” Molded Bamboo® whisk, and a red Molded Bamboo® spatula. The Molded Bamboo® bowl set nests inside each other, while the largest bowl is completed with an easy pour spout and handle.

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Set includes: 3 Pc Red Molded Bamboo® Bowl Set, Colored Molded Bamboo® Measuring Spoons, Colored Molded Bamboo® Measuring Cups, Red 10” Molded Bamboo® Whisk, & Red Molded Bamboo® Spatula (7 pieces total).
Looks & Feels like melamine plastic but made with Molded Bamboo® Always Melamine Free, Plastic Free, BPA Free
Durable, natural, & non-toxic

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