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The Ball Cat Kennel

The Ball Cat Kennel
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The Bed cat kennel is a mix of wellness and style, for the happiness of cats and owners. The Bed is not just a kennel. It is a classy bed that welcomes your cat surrounding it with comfort and offering it a sure base where relaxing and looking at the world outside. Curiosity, search for protection and laziness are some of the characteristics cats share and The Bed supports them all. In fact, the kennel is raised, has the shape of a mini-perch to allow the cat to look around. Or you can try this funny shark cat bed.

The base is composed of a stall in solid beech wood and on it there is a soft roof. Inside it there are soft pillows on which it can relax, stretch and sleep calmly. The kennel is spacious and capable to welcome and hide cats of whatever dimension. The choice to design it so as to be raised allows your four-legged friend to feel part of your life and to be closer to you when you will relax on chairs and sofas, even if remaining in a space that is all for it.

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