The Bandle-An all-purpose over the shoulder tool tether

The Bandle-An all-purpose over the shoulder tool tether
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The Bandle was designed to increase productivity, efficiency, mobility and safety for you, the people working around you and your tools.

I originally came up with the Bandle concept over 10 years ago. I was a faux painting contractor in Colorado and was constantly finding myself doing work on ladders and scaffolding with a bucket of paint and paintbrush in my hands with no way to hold onto the ladder and do my work safely. So I started using carabiners and my belt loops but I ended up spilling more paint then I got on the walls. Eventually put a sling over my shoulder and with the carabiner I found I had more movement and was able to keep a hand on the ladder.

Over the years I’ve moved on to different types of construction and found myself using different tools on ladders and finding myself in the same dangerous positions I was as a painter. There were some things on the market to attach drills to my tool belt but it was already so heavy I needed a way to keep the weight of the heavier tools off my waist yet still be able to use the tool from a dangerous position.

So I started using the sling I had made but I still needed a way to attach these tools to the sling so I came up with the velcro enclosure. Sure enough it worked wonderfully, but it wasn’t till about 2 years ago that I thought I should try and put this on the market. How do yo do that, I’m a construction worker. So after asking around, one of my clients just happened to be a manufacturer so I showed him my tool belt and asked him for some advice. As soon as he saw it he thought it would be a big hit, so he helped me get better prototypes made and found a good packaging company to get me a proper prototype for me to start selling.

Through this whole process I found there were still things missing that would make this easier to use, that’s when I came up with the tether and custom carabiner. It allowed me to reach further with the tool still attached to my body and also easily re-attach to the sling to free up my hands to continue working or climb back down the ladder safety.

My goal was not to replace the tool belt, but to help keep some of those heavier tool off my waist yet still use them while attached to my body. This not only was safer for me but others working around me, not to mention keeping my tools from dropping and shattering on the ground.

The feedback I have received, from not only contractors but your basic do-it-yourselfers has been great. Its given me the confidence to press forward with this and try to get it on the shelves so other people can see they to can get their jobs done not only safer, but faster and with more mobility than ever before.

With your help I can buy my Bandles in larger quantities to keep the prices down giving me a better chance to get these on the market. Currently there is nothing out there to carry attach and not only carry but use your tools while being attached to your body. I truly appreciate any support from you to help me get the Bandle on the Market.

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