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Barcode Cuff in Leather with Chain by Archetype Z Studio

Barcode Cuff in Leather with Chain by Archetype Z Studio
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There is something intriguing about barcodes. As a graphic they are a simple (almost minimal) image consisting of thin black bars of varying thicknesses set against a contrasting white background. This creates an appealing graphic.

With the Barcode Cuff, Alia Hasan created a design that both celebrates the graphic quality of the barcode while also railing against what it represents. Rather than black on white, the bars are cut away from black leather to create a similar contrast. The numbers typically found at the bottom of barcodes are replaced by the statement “I AM UNIQUE”.

The cuff has a gumetal extender chain and clasp in the back so the size is adjustable. The black leather band measures 4 3/4 inches (121mm) and the chain adds another 3 inches (76mm). The cuff wraps your wrist so that the chain is only visible from the bottom.

The shape of the leather band is larger towards the front and tapers towards the ends. Each piece has been coated with a leather protectant.

Brand: Archetype Z Studio

Designer: Alia Hasan

Material: Thick lasercut vegetable tanned Black leather, gunmetal chain

Inside Dimensions: H 1.25″ x L 4.75″ – 7.75″

Available color: Black

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