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Barnacles Storage Vessels

Barnacles Storage Vessels
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Set of 3 handcrafted gel-coated glass fiber storage vessels by Plodes. Inspired by the type of marine crustacean, the Barnacles are adaptable storage pods using minimal shell-like housings to store items inside. Storage becomes articulated and textured while chaotic and organized. Nothing is lost in their one-piece design; they are simple, elegant, and straightforward. Sophisticatedly beautiful buckets.

Their smooth hard pixelated outer shells, along with the three mounting holes, make it strong and effortless to install to any surface. The 15 degree angled bottom combined with its modularity, allow the Barnacles to be pointed in any direction and have infinite compositional arrangements. The Barnacles address a constant battle with clutter and reclaim space while becoming much more than your typical storage box eyesore.

Dimensions: 8″diam x 10″; 7″diam x 9″; 6″diam x 8″. 5 lbs.

Finish: Semi-gloss paint

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