Bath Noodles

Bath Noodles
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That warming, nourishing feeling you get when you’re slurping a hearty bowl of steaming hot ramen – do you ever wish you could just hop in there and float about in it? Wallow in a big, spicy, fragrant, noodly bath? Just us? We’re okay with that. But now we can all order in this foodie fantasy thanks to Bath Noodles! Just grab a small handful of these squiggly delights and rub them into your wet skin for a luxurious bath or shower time treat. Packaged up in classic takeaway containers, you can take your pick from three invigorating scents (or just get all of ’em and treat yourself to an aromatic bathing banquet): Tangy Thai: Lemongrass and Hemp Singapore Spice: Tea tree and Turmeric Vietnamese Fresh: Peppermint and Poppy Each of them contains a natural exfoliant to smooth your skin and they’re packed full of natural oils to moisturise and cleanse. and they’re all-natural and vegan-friendly, what more could you ask for?

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