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Batteriser Battery Life Extender

Batteriser Battery Life Extender
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Tap into 80% more energy with Batteriser.
Batteriser is the first reusable sleeve that exytends the life of your disposable batteries.
Devices only tap into 20% of a battery’s energy before it tells you that the battery is “dead”. Batteriser taps into the other 80% that is unused…Instantly!
Most devices only tap into a fraction of your disposable battery’s energy – about 20%. Batteriser uses micro-circuitry that lets you instantly tap into the 80% of energy that is usually thrown away.

Batteriser is an intelligent voltage management and delivery mechanism device made of thin stainless steel that slips over your battery in seconds.
Batteriser is crafted from stainless steel at 0.1 mm thin to fit back neatly back into your devices’ battery compartments.

Batteriser’s patented technology extends the life of your batteries and taps into the 80% that was previously unused. Batterisers are reusable on new and most “used” batteries and will be available in AA, AAA, C, & D.
Batteriser not only saves you money, it is also convenient, safe, and easy to use. What’s even better, Batteriser helps reduce unwanted landfill.

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