BBQ Wooden Grill Scraper Cleaner Pro

BBQ Wooden Grill Scraper Cleaner Pro
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  • BBQ GRILL SCRAPER IS SAFE! Don’t let cheaply made wire brushe bristles spoil your weekend and send you to an emergency room. Made with 100% natural superb red oak and finished with top quality food grade mineral oil, you can use this tool with full confidence.
  • BBQ SCRAPER IS MOST EFFECTIVE – Specifically Designed for cleaning top and in between of grates. This amazing bbq grill accessory combines 3 tools into one, saving you both money and space! Works well on sensitive grill surfaces like ceramic, Kamodo-style, big green egg, etc. Nearly 1″ thick, will long outlast bristle brushes!
  • THIS GRILL ACCESSORY IS SUPER EASY TO USE – It will gradually form grooves as you scrape your grill clean. There is no wrong way to use it! Our beautiful red oak scraper will form grooves unique to your grill pattern, your pressure and angle of scraping. It will continue to improve over time as the grooves become deeper.
  • Feel good about yourself! BBQ Grill Scrapper is made from sustainably harvested red oak readily available around the world. As such, its completely recyclable and safe for our planet.
  • Unique product doubles up as cutting or serving board! Serve your favorite prime rib right from the scraper onto the plates!
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