Bead Mother-of-Pearl Shell Bleached White 7x7mm star

Bead Mother-of-Pearl Shell Bleached White 7x7mm star
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Bead, mother-of-pearl shell (bleached), white, 7x7mm star, Mohs hardness 3-1/2. These iridescent beads come from the hard internal layer of the sea mollusk that produces pearls. Mother-of-pearl shell will vary in color from white to ivory in a variety of hues. Colors, shapes and sizes may vary in each lot. Pack of 10 beads. Exquisite, iridescent mother-of-pearl epitomizes everything we love about being feminine. Its beauty is gentle and delicate. It calls up feelings of tenderness. That’s understandable because mother-of-pearl is truly a mother. Its name refers to the inner layer of a mollusk shell where a pearl literally grows from the mother-of-pearl secretions. Like all “feminine” women, mother-of-pearl has a beauty uniquely its own. Create a necklace with white mother-of-pearl and give a gift of beautiful old-fashioned feminine elegance to every woman you love-yourself included

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