Beard Balm Rustic Wood Beard Balm Beard Conditioner

Beard Balm  Rustic Wood Beard Balm  Beard Conditioner
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Our all natural luxurious earthy scent is like a walk in the woods. a soothing herbal fragrance with a touch of pine, bark and citrus. An arousing spicy scent, reminiscent of nature. This listing is for: 1- 4 oz Jar of Beard Balm Our Beard Balm simply great! Use for a natural hair leave-in conditioner and use as a medium hold for unruly hair. We use only the highest quality natural oils and make fresh batches to ensure the best product possible. Our Beard Balm has been tried and true and we’re excited to bring this new brand to our product line. We use the hair softening power of nut oils and shea butter along with natural fragrance oil to coat beard hairs and naturally soften them without using heavy waxes, pomades or otherwise strange products. It’s fast absorbing and you only need a bit on the tips of fingers to get results.

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