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Bednest Baby Co-Sleeper

Bednest Baby Co-Sleeper
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Improve the quality of your sleep by using the Bednest bedside crib. It is perfectly adjustable to any bed and allows you to keep your baby close during its first months.
Expecting a child and never thought about a co-sleeper before? Not really sure what it does or what it looks like?
Have a look at the Bednest introduction movie below or read our article on 10 reasons to start co-sleeping in safety.

Features of the bednest co-sleeper
It opens at two sides
The height is continuously adjustable so it fits any bed and can be use to give the crib an inclination (in case of reflux or cold).
It is designed as a travel bed and can therefore be transported easily. The travel bag is included.
Received the 2013 Baby Innovation award

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