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BEHR BRAS: Colorful and Comfortable Nursing Bras

BEHR BRAS: Colorful and Comfortable Nursing Bras
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Behr Bras are super comfortable nursing bras in fun colors and prints. Awesome moms deserve awesome bras!

At Behr Bras we set out to create the perfect nursing bra that we are happy to wear all day and night. We searched far and wide for the softest, most premium fabrics and elastics that keep you super comfortable and supported no matter where your day takes you.

We wanted to have the bras in all the colors, so we decided to make it so. You’re no longer forced to match your outfits to black, white or beige! Seven solids in all the colors of the rainbow. Plus pink, because pink is awesome.

Our awesome poly/spandex blended fabric not only looks great, but it also wicks away moisture keeping us fresh and dry and has a 4-way stretch design to offer superior support for our ever changing amazing mommy-bodies. From bed, to yoga, to work and everything in between, we’ve got you covered.

When baby wants the boob, baby gets the boob. Our bras help us breastfeed wherever that may be with confidence. Each of our color combinations includes nursing clips and slides in bright contrasting colors that stand out and make it known what we are: awesome nursing mommas.

On top of being the most comfortable bras we’ve ever worn, they look awesome too. We are TIRED of the standard black, white and beige options currently occupying the market. We believe those colors send the message to women to hide away, and we won’t do it!

Whether your jungle has trees or buildings, all our lives feel a bit wild from time to time. So embrace your wild side, right meow.
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