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Beige Walrus Bean Bag by ilSaccotto

Beige Walrus Bean Bag by ilSaccotto
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TRIKY is its name.
The simplicity of the shapes, clean lines of its profile and the careful choice of fabrics and colors mean that the Saccotto can join as a piece of furniture of classic children’s room as well as the urban loft, meeting the sake of children and adults who love design.

The use of quality fabrics from the world of furniture and upholstery in particular provide strength, durability and washability, thanks to the complete removal of the covers of the product. The malleability of the padding allows full freedom and adaptability to all movements. The zipper is covered by tabs at the ends of fabric to protect the floors from unwanted scratches and deter children from opening.
The choice of colors is very important and is based on the study of the chromatic sensations each animal with its typical characteristics can give.

The Saccotto is the result of a design ability and wisdom all-Italian production, as the production cycle is carried out by companies with a long tradition MADE IN ITALY. Each Saccotto is handmade by professional tailors.

Velvet soft high strength,
synthetic cotton
Ø 50 x 50 h cm
External cover hand washable 30 °
Two counter-linings (body and head) for filling, removable separately
filling micro-spheres of polystyrene

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