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Bel Mondo Twin Multi-Functional Bunk Bed

Bel Mondo Twin Multi-Functional Bunk Bed
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Multi-Functional Versatile Storage Wall Unit Durable Ergonomic & Compact Bunk Bed Design
Do you have a spare room that you’d like to use as both a guest room and a home office or den?
Do you live in a studio apartment, loft or small condo where you need to maximize storage and living space?
Our Bel Mondo Murphy-Style Wall Unit is the best space-saving storage solution for living in a small space or creating two rooms in one!

4-in-1 Wall Bed
Roll-Over Convertible Unitsver
Upper Twin Bunk Bed
Twin XL Sofa Bed
Desk & Bookcase
Trundle Storage/Twin Bed

1.Upper Twin Bunk Bed
Hidden Top Storage
As Upper Bunk Headboard
2.Twin XL Sofa Bed
Roller Pull-Out

Converting Mechanism
Roller Stoppers
3.Desk and Bookcase
Free-Away Roll-Over
Pull-Out Table
Inner Shelves
Shelves Back Wall

Trundle Storage | Twin Bed
Durable Construction
Long Lasting Guarantee
TWIN Upper Bunk
TWIN XL Bottom Bed
TWIN Trundle
Each bed can hold up to 400lb TESTED
220lb recommended capacity for daily use

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