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Bellyak Prone Kayak

Bellyak Prone Kayak
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Prone paddling for fitness? This is the boat. Sized to fit the whole family and built to give season after season of fun. The Frequency features a drop down/flip up skeg which makes it easy to explore the shoreline or to get an excellent workout in an intuitive package. Use it as a platform to swim from, or escort your favorite open water swimmer. Self bailing (like all bellyaks) means that you never have to worry about the boat filling up with water…just go play! The Frequency features integrated toe braces for better body to boat contact, and a watertight hatch for your necessities. if you are looking to see what’s under you, the Crystal Kayak Explorer is the perfect option.

The biggest of the Play series, the Play 45 is a high performance interface between rider and water for bigger folks. The extra size and volume also makes it a great boat for anyone running steeper and/or bigger water. The extra volume provides increased stability for first timers, making it a great choice for rental operations for whitewater or surf. The Play 45 is our most versatile design in that it will suit a wide size range of paddlers.

This is the smallest of the Bellyak lineup and works great wherever there is water…for kids, camps or smaller adults this is the one. The Play 35 redefines freestyle paddling in a whole new way without straps, a skirt or a paddle. Primarily designed to be ridden laying down, the Play 35 becomes the medium to enhance the awesome factor of any type of water. Low volume stern allows explorations into the vertical realm while seated or kneeling and the high performance planing hull responds to your every intention. Propelled by webbed gloves and only limited by your skill and imagination.

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