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Bento Wireless Induction Speakers

Bento Wireless Induction Speakers
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Bento is latest award winning speaker product from Oaxis. We believe this is the simplest way to bring audio to the people whom you wish to share with. Users will just need to place their smartphones on to the reception pad. Without any additional bluetooth paring or NFC phone required, the speakers will play out the audio immediately. The near field induction audio technology is the most convenient way you can have for teleconference, partying, listen audio books, podcast and more.

Bento portability serves all the users need in one package. Bento delivers immersive 360 degree omnidirectional music playback that sounds great in every corner of the room. Do you still troubled by how to switch the Bluetooth connectivity in between smartphones? No Cables, No Pairing, No Hassle. It is just so intuitive.

Advanced Wireless Near Field Induction Audio Technology
Requires no cable, no Bluetooth, no infrared, no WiFi. Just simply put your mobile phone on the speaker, the sound will be magically amplified
360 degree Omnidirectional Audio
Works with any phones or audio source with built-in speaker
Built-in high capacity 1000mAh lithium battery, one full charge can last up to 6 hours

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Check price on Amazon.com

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