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BestMassage Electric Fireplace Heater

BestMassage Electric Fireplace Heater
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✿〖Easy wall mounting〗:With our Electric Heater, you don’t have to worry about stacking firewood or cleaning up the ash.NOTE:This heater fireplaces is hot when in use. To avoid burn, do not let bare skin touch hot surfaces.Keep combustible, paper, and fabric materials at least 3 feet (0.9m) away from the fireplace. Fireplace Electric Heater LED fireplace Standing Fireplace Wall Mounted Fireplace.

✿〖Safe and efficient use〗:This Electric fireplaces requires less energy to heat a room. It is safe for children and pets because the LED bulbs of this Electric Heater are cool to touch and mercury free. This electronic fireplace has two heating settings:750watt(2559BTU) and 1500watt(5118BTU),Equipped with a safety shut-off device, safe and effective. Fireplace Electric LED fireplace Standing Fireplace Wall Mounted Fireplace Heater.

✿〖Humanized design〗:The true flame of this electronic fireplace is set in a pile of artificial logs or crystals (both included), lending a home-like appeal to a real fireplace. The log set or crystal of this Electric Heater is located behind a durable tempered glass with a contemporary black frame. On a cold night, feel the warmth of our electronic fireplace while enjoying the smoke-free air. Wall Mounted Fireplace Heater Fireplace Electric LED fireplace Standing Fireplace.

✿〖Remote Control〗:This electric fireplace will be decorated as a function of your bedroom, library or family room. Elegant and modern electronic fireplace with 3D flame technology for easy remote control. The hot spot of our electronic fireplace can be adjusted to your needs to provide even heat distribution. This Electric Heater has a built-in safety shut-off device to keep you and your family safe. Electric LED fireplace Wall Mounted Fireplace Heater Fireplace Standing Fireplace.

✿〖Energy efficient〗:The sleek and full design of our electronic fireplaces is easy to install on the wall and can also be used as a desktop feature, including a base. This modern Electric Heater is energy efficient and has no emissions or pollution. Our electronic fireplace can be mounted to the wall or placed on the table,easy and convenient. Standing Fireplace Electric LED fireplace Wall Mounted Fireplace Wall Mounted Fireplace Heater Fireplace.

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