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BetterBack Perfect Posture

BetterBack Perfect Posture
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Got’urBack is a backrest/back support strap that effortlessly places your back and spine into a natural, resting position. Use it throughout the day to train your back not to slouch while drastically reducing pressure and pain associated with sitting. Got’urBack’s unique design using straps that go around the knees pulls the back forward into a more natural, comfortable sitting position. Used as a “virtual” chair, take your strap along with you to the ball game, camping, hunting, fishing or wherever you require a backrest.

It was developed to be extremely portable that zips into a small size pouch for easy carrying. Put it in your purse, backpack or bag and have it ready to use whenever you need it turning any sitting surface, including stadium benches, stumps, logs or even a grassy hill into a fully supported chair. Got’urBack is also designed with your comfort in mind. Using the best materials available, the back and knee pads incorporate breathable linings in order to dissipate heat ensuring the most comfort possible. The knee pad also includes a silicone tape sewn into the lining to keep the knee pad in place. Got’urBack is simple to use and amazingly effective. Life is a journey meant to be enjoyed. Don’t spend another minute with back and neck pain.

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