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Big Bubble Mix

Big Bubble Mix
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beeboo® Big Bubble Mix is our most powerful and impressive big bubble solution. It is specially formulated to reliably create huge bubbles, in any weather conditions and will amaze everyone at the park, beach, parade, or at your backyard BBQ! Beeboo is a concentrate; one 16 fluid ounce bottle of beeboo makes a whole gallon of bubble solution. Just add tap water. Beeboo Big Bubble Mix works great right away and works even better the next day!

We used beeboo bubble solution to blow the first World Record free floating bubble in 2005! The big bubble was about the size of a small car! For best big bubble results, we prefer the “two handled” bubble wand design like our Starter Wand and Pro Wand. We actually used a custom designed super-sized model of this type of wand to set our World Record!

Beeboo is also excellent for parties – how would your kids like to stand inside a bubble? Just fill a kiddie pool with bubble solution, and then use a hula hoop to draw a bubble tube up and around the lucky party guest.

Beeboo is a terrific bubble mix refill! Beeboo works great with practically any bubble wand large or small including bubble machines, bubble guns, bubble mowers, bubble hoops or virtually any bubble toy! Have fun!

Beeboo Big Bubble Mix is made in the USA! Beeboo Big Bubble Mix earned the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Award! Beeboo Big Bubble Mix has been seen on the NBC Today Show!

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