Bike Wheel Clock Large Wall Clock Steampunk Cyclist Gift

Bike Wheel Clock Large Wall Clock Steampunk Cyclist Gift
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A Dream Great Dreams bike wheel clock is the large wall clock that makes a statement. The ultimate steampunk cyclist gift, this oversized clock for walls draw people towards it and is a great conversation starter at your next party. This is industrial bike wall art at its best! Every bike wheel clock is between 22″ and 25″ in diameter (smaller sizes are always available). i only use recycled wheels, gears, and chain i find in bike shop recycling bins so your bike wheel clock may not look exactly like the ones pictured here that may have already sold, but will be the exact same design. If you’re interested in a specific color wheel or spoke pattern, or want a smaller wheel or a certain size, just ask! i always have a large inventory and accommodating your request is never an issue. Happy customers and Dream Great Dreams go hand in hand! Look closely, can you spot the clock mechanism on this bike wheel clock? You cannot! Not from the front or from the sides. Thats because i wrap bicycle chain around it so all you see are bicycle chain and gears, steampunk, industrial, high end. This is my original design and its one I’m really proud of – and one my customers absolutely love!

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