Birch Wreath Bases Wild Birch Wreath Bases Wild & Woodsy

Birch Wreath Bases Wild Birch Wreath Bases Wild & Woodsy
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?? Birch Wreath Bases, Wild Birch Wreath Bases, Wild & Woodsy, Natural Birch Wreath, Hand Tied Wreath, 14 Inch, Wreath Base Give a Natural Look to Your Creations With our Hand Tied Wild Birch Twig Wreaths These Twig Wreaths are Exclusive to Ladybug Wreaths Only Each is Hand Made without Wire or Twine, but are Woven Tightly These are the Exact Same Twig Birch Wreaths Used in Ladybug Wreaths Designs ?’ These “Wild & Woodsy” Hand Tied Wild Birch Twig Wreaths are the base of every natural wreath designed by Ladybug wreath! These birch twig wreaths are not tied or wired but made in such a way that they are very secure and will last for years! ? These Wreaths Are Made Mostly From Wild Birch. Our one-of-a-kind wreaths give you a wild and airy base on which to make the most gorgeous door wreaths or outdoor wreaths you’ve ever seen! Harvested in the Hills of Kentucky, and Hand Made Just for Ladybug Wreaths, give you an exclusive wreath base for your own designs. You’ll never find another wreath exactly like these. I’m sure you’ll love them as much as i do!! i have been exclusively using these hand tied wreaths for over 30 years. i really would never consider using any other type for Spring, Summer or Fall…

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