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Birdie Basketball Hoop for Parrots

Birdie Basketball Hoop for Parrots
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Teach your parrot to play basketball with this adjustable height birdie basketball trick training prop. Lower the hoop for easy training and small parrots. Raise the hoop for your parrot to reach for a slam dunk! Suitable for all small to medium parrots and parakeets including: cockatiel, quaker, sun conure, senegal parrot, amazon, eclectus, mini-macaw, african grey, and cockatoo. Easy to grab orange ball included.

Parrot basketball trick training prop
Adjustable height for easy training
Easy to hold orange basketball included
For Cockatiel, Quaker, Most Parakeets, Conure, Senegal Parrot
Amazon, Eclectus, Cape Parrot, African Grey, and Small Cockatoos

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