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BIS MTS Whirlpool Bathtub

BIS MTS Whirlpool Bathtub
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A mineral spa in your very own home.

The essential idea is to recreate in a home bathtub, as closely as possible, the physical features and contents of spa waters and their benefits.
The saline solutions have the same elements as spa waters, replete with properties that promote health with relaxing, nourishing and energizing effects.

The combinations of these elements create six mixtures, six different types of spa waters, each with its own specific effects and powers.
The addition of plant-based, natural essential oils enhances the effects of the saline solutions, joining forces for an effect beyond that of any spa water. For example, the essential oil of chamomile or lavender can accentuate the effects of a relaxing bath; mint or sage for an invigorating bath; and geranium or grapefruit essences for an energizing bath.

Fully loaded Model includes all of these extra amenities

Audio inlet for ipod/cd
Ozone therapy
Water magnetization
Recharges kit of solutions mineral salts

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