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BitLock Keyless Bike Lock

BitLock Keyless Bike Lock
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Unlock your bike with your phone without even having to reach in your pocket. Simply walk up to your bike and press a button on BitLock to lock/unlock in less than a second.
Dead phone? No problem! You can easily open BitLock by punching in a 4-digit secret code with a sequence of button presses. The combination code can be changed inside the app.

BitLock app remembers your bike location under the hood as you lock/unlock your bike using your phone GPS. This way you will never forget the last parked location of your bike.
Bitlock can perform 10,000 lock/unlock operations on a single battery. This is enough to provide a 5 year battery life before replacing the battery.

BitLock uses encryption found in online banking systems, so bike thieves are better off going after banks than to mess with your bike. BitLock is made of reinforced and heat-treated steel combined with a high security disc locking mechanism and a bent shackle foot design.

Bitlock is designed to withstand inclement weather conditions. The internal components are sealed and weatherproofed inside a plastic compartment. The electronics and battery can also operate under an extended temperature range.

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