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Black Ice Snowpark Scooter

Black Ice Snowpark Scooter
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The patented Micro terrain park scooter is the combination of a freestyle scooter, and snowboard. As with skis or snowboards, you steer and manage speed by turning the handle bar and shifting your weight, allowing the skis edges to carve a smooth line.

You slow down and stop by dragging one foot or carve a line as you would while skiing or snowboarding. You can also stop the snowpark scooter quickly by sliding the rear board outwards on its uphill edge.
Extremely robust with very little flex allowing for a safe and secure ride
Skis are handmade fibreglass-wrapped vertically laminated wooden core
Secure Grip – You stand on a special grip tape with polyurethane studs
Fitted with double skegs on the front and rear skis for straight line tracking
Features a wide, one piece aluminium handlebar

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