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Black Lion Papertrophy

Black Lion Papertrophy
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Are pictures on the wall too boring for you? Then this *Lion Wall Trophy* is just the right thing for you.
The Lion Wall Trophy is made from high quality 230g paper.* Of course the lion is produced from FSC certified *environmentally friendly* paper.
You receive ready *cut and pre-folded* parts that you just have to stick together.
The paper model *Lion* Wall Trophy has extremely high-quality folded edges (*no perforations!*) and is made of *paper that is dyed right through* giving a high quality look.

Assembly of the Lion Wall Trophy fake taxidermy is very easy and does not require any complicated instructions. You simply have to stick the numbered parts to the marked parts. It is very easy and requires no special qualifications other than a little patience.
Like all my *Wall Trophies* the Lion is made in Berlin!
*Each Lion is ready to ship within 24 hours.*
*The trophies in stock are in a total of 90 colour variations.* If you would like to have your Lion Trophy in another colour combination, please send me a short message.

Customisation options
The Lion taxidermy are stocked in a total of 90 colour variations . If you would like to have your Lion in another colour combination, or are looking for another paper animal, just send me a short message.

The Lion Wall Trophy is lovingly produced in Berlin.
Materials used
The Lion Wall Trophy taxidermy is made from heavy 230g FSC certified paper.
Lion Wall Trophy height: 49cm / 19.3”
Lion Wall Trophy width: 33cm / 13”
Lion Wall Trophy depth: 27cm / 10.6”
Lion Wall Trophy weight: approx. 65

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