Blacksmith tongs small for one quarter inch to three eighths

Blacksmith tongs small for one quarter inch to three eighths
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These tongs are made from 3/8 mild steel so they can be cooled. They will hold from 1/4″ round or square to 3/8″ round. 3/8″ square will require a minor cold adjustment. They are finished with beeswax so the finish should not effect your work. In the event you over heat the tongs during use they can be cooled and adjusted cold to fit your work again. These are very light tongs for small items. The small tongs work very well for small hooks, the opening behind the jaws allow for clearance for the hook. They are about 13″ over all length for best use in a coal forge. i use these tongs in the shop all of the time. When i make them i use two pair to make the adjustments. The light weight makes them easy to hold on to over a full day of forging. They weigh just under 13 ounces. You need these tongs if you make things from small stock sizes. They excel for hooks and pointers and small ornamental items. These tongs have been my shops top seller since we started on Etsy. You also should get these tongs if you think channel locks or vice grips work fine for tongs. You will burn your fingers a lot less using the right tool for the job. There is no magic pair of tongs that fit all metal sizes, this size is a good start for small material and you will soon see why shops have so many pairs of tongs. There is a pair for every size material that you could buy. Get out to the shop and bang on some metal and enjoy.

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