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Blink Qu4tro Electric Skateboard

Blink Qu4tro Electric Skateboard
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BLINK QU4TRO is the world’s first All-Wheel-Drive electric skateboard that boosts 4 powerful 500W hub motors and cruise up to 23MPH. It can even climb a 30% incline, making sure you never have to walk or climb up those hills again!

Our motorized skateboards are sturdy, strong, fast, and are built to last! Not only that, but ACTON BLINK QU4TRO boards come fully-equipped with LED lights that ensures our riders are both visible to traffic, and light the way to see obstacles on the road. Safety and reliability are our highest priorities.

We’ve heard from disappointed owners of our competitors’ products that the batteries on their boards don’t fully charge, and only last for a couple miles of cruising. Our top-of-the-line lithium ion batteries not only charge fully in just 1.5 hours, but under the right conditions will last up to 22 miles of riding fun on a single charge. The BLINK QU4TRO is perfect for commuting to work or riding all around town!

The perfect gift for holidays and birthdays, your kit will arrive with a board, a portable battery charger, and a simple-to-use remote control the rider can use to accelerate, brake, and switch from forward to reverse, all at the press of a button. The BLINK QU4TRO board comes with 3 riding modes, it is perfect for every situation.

Using Bluetooth technology, you can connect to our smartphone app when you get your board, and you’ll be able to track your routes, log your miles, and record your adventures!

We’ve designed the ACTON BLINK QU4TRO electric skateboard to be a perfect solution for your every cruising need…so if you were waiting for the perfect time to experience the action of ACTON, the time is now!

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