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Blocks Modular Cat Playhouse

Blocks Modular Cat Playhouse
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Blocks Modular Cat Playhouse

Design your own unique cat house, simply by clicking the elements together. It is super easy and fun! Play together with your cat during the day, and let them sleep warm and safely during the night.
BLOCKS is suitable for all cats and houses. You can build into all directions making it feasible to create anything in any room, from recreating the Louvre or minimizing valuable ground space by going vertical.

We will provide some basic creations and we will stimulate sharing of great designs. Let your creativity be your guide and your cat the judge in this epic building adventure (our office cats are always judging anyway). Bored? Just unlock BLOCKS and start again! Oh yeah, our biodegradable white coating is suitable for painting, go crazy!
The basic package includes 7 components and a lot of connectors, plenty for endless architectural creations.

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