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Blokart Land Yacht

Blokart Land Yacht
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The original fun, fast, compact land sailor taking the world by storm!
Whether for fun with the whole family, the adrenalin rush when sailing in strong wind or the action of competition, Blokart offers it all – a one stop shop and one of the most interactive adrenalin sports on the planet!

Every Blokart comes in an awesome ready to sail compact package, allowing you to disassemble the boat into a very easy to haul rugged padded carrying case. This makes Blokart the easiest land yacht to transport to your favorite riding spot.

Your Blokart sets up in less than 5 minutes without the need of any tools! Carrying case is included and even converts from a carrying case to a handy rolling pack by using the wheels of the Blokart. The pack is so small that it will fit into the trunk of most vehicles or in the back seat. You no longer need a big truck or tow a trailer to go sailing! Have fun and always wear a helmet!

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