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BlokRok Sunscreen Applicator

BlokRok Sunscreen Applicator
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Easy: BlokRok is so simple to use, especially for active parents (or people) on-the-go, the ability to apply sunscreen or lotion on your kiddos (or yourself!) one-handed is revolutionary! Just slide, press, pump, and roll
multifunctional: Quick sunscreen or tanning lotion application allows for more fun in the sun, and gets you to that coveted summer glow sooner! Winter blues making your skin crack and itch

Less mess: BlokRok’s patented design makes application of your lotions or sunscreen cleaner. You can even use it to apply diaper cream or body ointments, which means no more greasy, smelly mess or residue left on your hands
portable: BlokRok can travel with you anywhere – Beach, Hiking, to the pool, or any outdoor activity and can easily attach to a diaper bag, backpack, or purse with the included lanyard for quick accessibility.
Long-lasting: The best part is, BlokRok will last and last. Because it’s refillable, you can use it over and over again for sunscreen in the summer, body lotion in the winter, or kids and baby anytime, you can even use it to apply shampoo, conditioner, or body wash for your little ones who are learning to bathe themselves

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