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Blood Bath Shower Gel

Blood Bath Shower Gel
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Just when you thought Spinning Hat was all bloodied out, what should creep out from the dark shadows of their design studio, but the latest addition to the famous Blood Bath family – Blood Bath Shower Gel. Now you can bathe yourself in true horror movie style, and recreate your favorite scenes from Dracula, Psycho, and Twilight with their ultra realistic bag of blood shower gel.

Forget about Cocoa Butter and Honey Jojoba, all the vampires nowadays are washing in cherry scented bags of blood shower gel – didn’t anyone tell you? So after a tough day battling against werewolves and the armies of undead zombies, what better way to freshen up before nipping out for a bite to eat down your local morgue, than a hot shower and a good scrub down with our cherry scented Blood Bath Shower Gel.

Looks like a blood transfusion bag
Cherry scented shower gel
Rope included for easy hanging
Blood bath towel, shower curtain and bath mat available separately

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