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Blu Ferrofluid Art Display

Blu Ferrofluid Art Display
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The Blu Ferrofluid Art Displayis mesmerizingly unique.
Though the technical description of ferrofluid is “a stable colloidal suspension of super-paramagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles,” we prefer to stick with “magnetic magic in a bottle.”

The Blu Ferrofluid Art Displaytakes ferrofluid to the next level by adding a brilliant blue color to the ferrofluid. It really brings out the spikes in all their glory and in the right light even changes hue from purple to blue – or blue to purple depending on who you ask.

Each ferrofluid display comes with a deluxe magnet set called NeoPWN. The set can turn into 3 separate smaller magnets for bouncing the ferrofluid from one magnetic pole to another or be used as a single large stylus for maximum spikes.
100 mL
Displays are intended for adults ages 18+. Do not let unsupervised children play with a Ferrofluid Display.

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