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Blue + Red Triangle Neon Lights by White Cubes

Blue + Red Triangle Neon Lights by White Cubes
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Collection Neon lighting Instruments – Blue + Red triangles
Custom made with great care and great attention to details
Blue triangle emits a soothing, calm and dreamy blue light.
Ideal for relaxation, meditation, serenity and calmness.
Red triangleemits warmth, energy, stimulation & pathos
Ideal for increasing strength, determination, will-power and arousing sexual desire

With your 2 triangles you get :
– neon transformer suitable for the exact dimensions of the 2 triangles – 1 year warranty
– wall-mounting hardware
-easy to follow instructions, step by step
Dimensions: 2 triangles 34 cm x 53 cm, 12mm thickness – 2,5cm off the wall.

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