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BlueLounge MiniDock USB Charger for iPhone

BlueLounge MiniDock USB Charger for iPhone
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Bluelounge presents another polished yet efficient solution for use with iPhone or iPod. Continuously inspired to create simplicity in every day tasks, we introduce MiniDock. MiniDock is designed to take your iPhone off the floor or counter top and gently rests vertically against a wall socket as your device charges.

Intended for use with your existing Apple USB Power Adapter, your iPhone or iPod can now plug directly into an electrical outlet. Now your device can safely charge inconspicuously, while being held vertically, without becoming obtrusive to your environment.

MiniDock creates space by taking your device directly to the wall socket while keeping your surfaces free of clutter. Make the most of your phone in any room. MiniDock is also ideal for travel. No USB cord needed. Easy to use, small and inspired!

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