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Bluetooth SpeakerHoodie by Machina x AC Gears

Bluetooth SpeakerHoodie by Machina x AC Gears
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The brilliant minds at Machina are pioneers of wearable tech. Not only functional, their technology integrated designs are fashion forward. The shirts, hoodies and jackets made by Machina are praised by WIRED mag as “The most beautiful wearable tech”. This Mexico City based company continues to follow their goal of creating machine-like clothing.

For a unique music experience that does away with the tangle of wires, Machina offers their designer SpeakerHoodie. This sleek jacket features a rechargeable speaker integrated into the hood itself, offering a personal listening experience without the discomfort of headphones.

Connect your listening device via the 3.5mm jack hidden in one of the compartments, or wireless through the bluetooth module located on the front logo. Recharge the module with the integrated USB cable.

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