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Board Game Table

Board Game Table
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What Makes it a Gaming Table?
A rail around the edge of the table creates an arena where your game takes place. The rail provides a comfortable place to rest your elbows. Money, chips, and dice stay on the table instead of getting lost on the floor.
The playing surface is made from high quality speed cloth, the same material used on casino poker tables. Cards glide across the surface.

Under the speed cloth is a thin padding. Just enough to make it easy to pick up cards, tiles, and bits.
Cup holders keep drinks below the playing surface so spills aren’t a worry. Even better, they are out of your way. They don’t take up space on the table, and you don’t have to worry about bumping into them.
Converts into a normal table.

Game rooms, dining rooms, kitchens, basements, living rooms, spare bedrooms. Gaming tables are everywhere. Sometimes they are called upon to serve their gaming duty. Sometimes they host a dinner party.
Toppers allow you to convert your gaming table into a dining table. Quicker than you can say, “dinner is ready” or “the pizza is here”. You can even leave your game set up underneath.

Table shown has the following featuers:
The Traditional: 3′ x 5′ – The best choice for most board gamers!
Wood & Stain: Special African Mahogany
Fabric: Forest
Table Height: Normal, 30″ high
2 slide-out cup holders + 1 drawer on left end and right end
Double slide out cup holders + 2 drawers on top side and bottom side
Cover Topper- Covers the rail. Adds one inch to all sides and top.

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