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Bob’s Burgers Heat Change Mug

Bob’s Burgers Heat Change Mug
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What’s this? A simple black mug, with Louise standing all by herself in her pajamas with an umbrella, and “Bob’s Burgers” in Louise’s-hat-pink at the top. Nothing more to see here folks, move it along!

But fill it up with hot liquid, and who appears? Why it’s Kuchi Kopi! Uh, right? That melty mess is Kuchi Kopi, isn’t it? The Kuch is looking a bit under the weather here, as he did in the episode “Flu-ouise,” which is totally because Linda and the rest of non-Louise Belchers are the worst. But their blunders did give us this brilliant episode that was basically The Wizard of Oz and My Neighbor Totoro on a Bob’s Burgers sesame seed bun, so we guess we can forgive the family… this time. You can also check out the cool mug. It looks like it floating.

Product Specifications

Bob’s Burgers Heat Change Mug
Officially-licensed Bob’s Burgers merchandise
Black ceramic mug featuring Louise in her pajamas standing with an umbrella and the Bob’s Burgers logo (in pink)
When you add hot liquid, a melty Kuchi Kopi and forest background appear
Capacity: 16 oz.
Materials: Ceramic
Care Instructions: Do not microwave
Also, do not stick in rice and put it in the oven and leave it there, and maybe don’t drop it in the toilet in the first place, either
Care Instructions: Hand wash only

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