Boho Hair Accessories Feather Extensions DIY Kit Brown Beige

Boho Hair Accessories Feather Extensions DIY Kit Brown Beige
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Gorgeous long feathers no fluff skinny salon feathers natural rooster Metz and whiting collection of very pretty long feather hair extensions 30 plus feathers for hair on custom hand crafted keychain for easy managing and care for your feathers. To use just lightly tug the feathers out wala! (they come out easy, i put them in keychains for my salon clients to easily manage the feathers). Natural colors including: Natural Grizzly Dyed Black Natural Black Ginger Grizzly Ginger Barred Blonde Cream Grizzly Variant Badger Brown Ginger Coachman Brown Each key chain has three bundles of feathers on them. Feathers vary in width length and color. Perfectly awesome feather fashion accessories for hippie hair, tribal hair and natural woman hair styles. These can be washed and styled. This is for 30 long natural no fluff salon feathers on a key chain and it will come with 10 silicone beads and a threader. The xxl are sold out for a while. There are still a few packs on my site for them

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