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Bonzart Ampel Tilt-Shift Twin Lens Digital Camera

Bonzart Ampel Tilt-Shift Twin Lens Digital Camera
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Raved by Slash Gear as a bargain for being a complete package of a tilt-shift capable digital camera, the Bonzart Ampel takes amazing photos and HD videos with its twin lenses.
Sold out completely in Japan just within months of its debut, the Ampel is now available in the United States through AC Gears!

Choose from its 5 different color settings from standard, black and white, sepia, vivid, to a “fuji-film” like green called REF, the imagery created by Ampel is not just retro, but can be “retro-ly” stunning!
Has a great tilt-shift lens built in. It’s not an effect, but a lens that lets you take tilt-shift photos on the fly.

On board top-down LCD screen in its twin reflex body lets you see your subject before and after the shot.
You can also set your shutter speed so you can keep the shutter open for longer exposure as you wish.
Also take HD videos with sound and choose your desire frame rate.
The Bonzart Ampel is truly an exceptional camera packed with features that will work well for any budding photographer as well as a third backup cam for die-hard professionals.
Operation in either Japanese or English.

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