Bookbinding miter tool Corner miter tool Cartonnage tool

Bookbinding miter tool Corner miter tool  Cartonnage tool
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This Bookbinding and Cartonnage tool are very helpful for making your handmade books, albums and boxes! With it you can have really good and neat finishing at the corners of your projects! It is very practical, quick and easy to use! It means less time and standard corners. This listing comprises one corner miter tool that helps you to cut the fabric at the corners on Cartonnage, bookbinding and scrapbooking projects, when making boxes, books, albums or other related projects. It is made of stainless steel. See the pictures to check how to use this tool and how will be the corner of your project using it. You can use it when you cover your project with paper or with fabric, it works the same way. Check the difference between the old and this new upgraded design here in this video (copy and past into your browser):

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