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Boomerang Desk

Boomerang Desk
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Polish-born, French-raised Maurice Calka’s most celebrated and influential design is his iconic Boomerang Desk, produced circa 1969.

Composed of molded fiberglass—a super high-tech process at the time—the Boomerang was manufactured as a limited edition by the French firm Leleu-Deshavs. The exact quantity of the edition has been lost to history. What is known for sure is that the desk has acquired a number of high profile admirers—French President Georges Pompidou had a white version in the Elysée Palace, and Kanye West has one in his Hollywood home. This delightfully Pop yellow version features three drawers on the right side and a vertical storage space on the left.

Boomerang Desk
By: Maurice Calka
Producer: Leleu-Deshavs
Material: Molded Fiberglass
Design Date: ca. 1970
Production Date: ca. 1970
Dimensions: 31.5 x 74.8 cm

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