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Bottle Opener Hand Fidget Spinners

Bottle Opener Hand Fidget Spinners
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Fidget Spinners are one of the funniest stress relievers on the market today. These little gizmos are being used by everybody, kid or adult. These are great for relieving stress, they can help you concentrate or getting you to quit a bad habit. The LERMX fidget spinner is more than a stress reliever. When you are not playing with it you can open a cold bottle of beer, cider or soda and relax while spinning the fidget. This gadget is lightweight and you can easily carry it in you pocket. The superior quality bearing made in Japan will ensure a smooth spin with little noise. Improved design will create a stable rotation when it’s spinning at high speed. With a little bit of practice you can move the LERMX fidget spinner between your fingers while rotating.

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