Bourbon Barrel Head lid top barrel wood reclaimed Jim

Bourbon Barrel Head lid top barrel wood reclaimed Jim
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Please read entire description Authentic bourbon barrel heads for you to use in anyway you want! The raw heads are, uncleaned, unsanded heads, straight from the distillery to you. The proof is in the smell! Pictures are of raw and finished heads. Brands available include: (if an option is not available on the drop down menu at purchase than i am currently sold out) -Jim Beam -Knob Creek, a Jim Beam stamp with kc or Knob Creek underneath -Makers Mark -Basil Hayden -Blanks(no distillery stamp) -Random(secondary bourbon brand with stamp or unclear/blurry major brand stamp like Beam) Heads are tongue and groove or dowel rod. So they will need reinforced or glued to be properly used. They are not always flat because of the liquid they absorb on the barrel, but can be flattened with your reinforcement method if necessary for your project. Heads are picked first off the stack, stamps and color will vary. Though all heads need some reinforcing, the very rough option is a head that is in pieces and/or warped and will need a lot extra work to put back together. Imperfections like cracks and gouges in wood are also possible. These are best for piece work and the people who dont need flatter, tight heads. Stamps will vary for the stamped option or there is a blank option. Pictures 9&10 are example of very rough heads.

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